Mini-sock in cotton with a triple function

Mini-sock Scudotex in hygienic and breathable knitting cotton, with elastic edge for a perfect fit.

For its characteristics, it can be used as:

• STOCKING-SAVER: invisible inside the shoe, it perfectly fits the heel, the toes and the sole of the foot, protecting them from the direct contact and the rubbing of the shoe. Its particular shape makes it invisible even if worn with a low-cut shoe or moccasin. Ideal at every time of the day both at home and outside, during the sport activity and in the spare time.

• FOOT-SAVER: in order to avoid the direct contact of the toes with the shoe it is recommended to wear the mini-sock Scudotex over the therapeutic elastic stockings open toe.  

• INSOLE-SAVER: it covers the orthopedic removable insoles protecting them from the wear, also avoiding the direct contact of the foot with the insole.