Belted vests and natural vests

To meet the growing requests of special protective garments, Scudotex has designed this exclusive line of elastic belted vests and natural hypoallergenic vests.

Scudotex elastic belted vests, with a reinforced abdominal part that guarantees a strong protection, perfectly shape the body assuring an efficient support to the back lumbar area mainly subjected to long efforts and constant movements. Recommended to: - people who works in cold environments; - people who practice heavy works; - drivers, truck drivers, bikers; - people who practice winter sports.

The natural hypoallergenic Scudotex vests are made with a particular knitted fabric and for their lightness, they are also recommended for the summer season bringing many benefits to the body. In fact, an invisible weave of wool and cotton against the skin helps keeping a constant body temperature while absorbing the perspiration, so to leave the body perfectly dry, making the natural Scudotex vests adapt to all seasons.